Robotics Solutions

ABG has embraced the Robotics and AI technologies and became early adaptors in the GCC and MENA regions by providing fully-integrated robotics solutions in the business and education fields.

Introducing Pepper:

Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot to recognize faces and basic human emotions. It is optimized for human interaction and can engage with people through conversation and its touch screen.

Pepper is equipped with:

  • 20 degrees of motion range for natural and expressive movements.
  • Speech recognition and dialogue are available in 15 languages.
  • Perception modules to recognize and interact with the person talking to him.
  • Touch sensors, LEDs, and microphones for multimodal interactions.
  • Infrared sensors, bumpers, an inertial unit, 2D and 3D cameras, and sonars for omnidirectional and autonomous navigation.
  • Open and fully programmable platform.
fully-integrated robotics solutions

NAO is equipped with:

  • 25 degrees of motion range, enabling him to move and adapt to his environment.
  • Seventouch sensors located on the head, hands, and feet. Sonars and an inertial unit perceive his environment and locate himself in space.
  • Four directional microphones and speakers to interact with humans.
  • Speech recognition and dialogue are available in 20 languages*.
  • Two 2D cameras to recognize shapes, objects, and even people.
  • Open and fully programmable platform.

NAO is designed to communicate with humans; it’s a bipedal 58cm robot with a rounded body and is mainly used to communicate and provide information in the education, research, and healthcare industries. 

Robotic Solutions:

Pepper is designed to communicate with humans; its 120cm body and curvy structure with its display screen help people interact easily and safely with it. Pepper is programmable to converse with people he sees and provides information depending on the industry and solution he’s programmed to provide.

Introducing Nao:

NAO is the first robot created by our partner SoftBank Robotics. NAO is a brilliant programming tool, and it has become a standard in education and research. NAO is also used -as an assistant- by companies and healthcare centers to welcome, inform and entertain visitors.

  • Attract

    Let's face it, not every store or educational institute will have Pepper and Nao, which means whenever they are present, they will instantly differentiate your store or institute from all the others.
    Their unique system and features will motivate your clients to come to your location to engage with them, thus increasing your foot traffic.
    Also, they are designed to interact and communicate with people emotionally the moment they see them, creating an impactful experience that your clients won't forget and will wish to repeat!

    • Welcome

      Pepper and Nao can help you with welcoming your visitors, providing directions and information they might need, and they could also communicate important and relevant messages in 20 languages, while your clients wait, thus building a proactive relationship with them.
      This way, Pepper and Nao free up the reception agents to focus on other urgent tasks and provide information and entertainment to your visitors.

      • Inform and recommend

        • An effective communication channel: Pepper and Nao's futuristic design instantly captures and holds the attention of your visitors while providing valuable information to them, thus automatically creating a new and effective communication channel.
        • Customized presentation: Pepper and Nao can present various information, and with ready-to-use CMS solutions, you can easily manage the creation, modification, and publication of content, displayed media, and their oral and body expressions. This way, you can personalize the experience your visitors have when they come to your location.
        • Real-time cognitive communication: Pepper and Nao, through integrations with your IT and CRM systems, can connect to your chatbots or other databases, and through listening, they can analyze and identify people under their profile (with permission) and categorize people by age, gender, emotion, etc., and then reply with interactive messages.
      • Provide services

        • Empathetic and patient communication: Pepper and Nao listen to your visitors' requests patiently and attentively, consider the surrounding environment, and reply using only positive language.
        • Informative and compelling interface: Pepper and Nao can efficiently extract information and present it to your visitors by accessing your business IT systems or databases.
        • Level up your services easily: Pepper and Nao easily adapt and scale up the scope, size, and range of the managed services, enabling you to implement new services quickly and leverage valuable benefits for your users.
      • Generate insights

        • Motivate visitors to take action: through Pepper and Nao's human-like interactions, they can easily encourage people to take surveys, subscribe to services, and submit their information, thus converting visitors to qualified leads.
        • Data collection portal: Pepper and Nao represent a portal and source of data in your omnichannel marketing strategy, collecting information such as the user preferences, customer persona, etc.
        • Implement Business Intelligence and Advanced data analytics: Integrate with data processing tools to enable the analysis and assessment of KPIs, enhance decision making, arrive at solid conclusions, and apply predictive analytics.