The world is advancing in leaps and bounds. With it, the government sectors are cultivating a growth mindset to adopt new technologies and services to give their citizens the best services and experience. 

An integrated data analytics solution will improve the quality and accessibility of structured and unstructured data to identify real-time trends enabling you to deliver better public services, enhance public safety, and accelerate citizen solutions for effective governance.

ABG’s analytics solutions, including data architecture, Internet of Things (IoT) analytics, and embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI), provide:

End-to-end data management and transformation to actionable information.

Accurate, prompt, cost-effective, sustainable governance decisions to empower citizens.

  • Public security and policing

    A real-time operational view is key to crime prevention, proactive policing, and effective traffic management. ABG's solutions integrate data streams into actionable intelligence that enables governments to proactively detect, prevent, and manage all aspects of public security and policing.
    Through this solution, your government and public sector will:

    • Perform intelligent investigations and make safety-oriented decisions.
    • Adopt a structured environment to manage and analyze data to notice patterns and implement a proactive approach prohibiting the likelihood of crimes and misdemeanors.
  • Social Services

    Through advanced integrated data analytics, ABG helps in the proactive implementation of government social welfare policies, including detecting fraudulent activities and tracking customer-government interactions for improved social security.
    Through this solution, your social services will:

    • Optimize the services and benefits delivery time for citizens
    • Find incorrect payments and benefits before they exit the agency and reroute them to their rightful owners.
  • Infrastructure and transportation

    ABG leverages AI's data management and IoT solutions to build and run adequate public transportation and infrastructure systems. Using predictive maintenance analytics and real-time actionable insights to reduce costs and improve operations of assets.
    Through this solution, your Infrastructure and transportation services will be able to:

    • Enhance operations and allocate time and resources for maintenance services through predictive analytics.
    • Receive insights on public safety and which locations need improvements
    • Aggregate real-time data from sensors, meters, video, and crewless aerial vehicles (UAVs) from other agencies to gain real-time insights and make better decisions.
  • Smart cities and communities

    Smart city ecosystems need integrated data and analytics at their core for holistic digital transformation.
    Driven by AI-enabled IoT solutions, ABG's data architecture for Smart Cities and Communities optimizes city operations to provide effective citizen and community services securely and cost-effectively.
    Through this solution, your smart cities and communities will be able to:

    • Provide citizen-oriented services
    • Enhance the activity of your citizens within their communities
    • Identify your community needs and efficiently provide them.