Robotics Process Automation

Robotic Solution made for your business

ABG develops and launches advanced applications based on your robotic service requirement and the role it’ll perform in your business. 

Our advisors help you choose a suitable robot; then, we customize and build the application that’ll run on the robot. We focus on building applications that’ll create a seamless new communication channel between the robot and your clients, making sure to integrate the robot with your information system to draw relative information from it to reply and help your clients with their inquiries.  

Robotics applications

We build our customized applications based on each industry’s core platforms. We do this to ensure that the solution provides industry-related services, easily blends in your business process, and is easily accepted by your clients. 

Robotic Solution made for your business

Technologies and Integrations

  • CMS: With ABG, you can easily integrate your retail CMS system into the application and display your product details and active promotions.
  • SMS Activate your push notifications through mail or SMS easily through our app SMS integration.
  • Chatbot Your robot can now draw from various scenarios in Arabic and English and use these scenarios to reply to your clients easily and seamlessly.
  • Cognitive computing Pepper and Nao are designed to detect and interact emotionally with humans; thus, they are built to greet and respond to the people they meet according to their emotional state and environment.
  • IT system integration ABG has integrated Google Firebase Cloud as the core backend platform to the applications.
  • Navigation You can easily help your customers navigate the store and find out the addresses of your other stores through the Google Maps integration we have with the application.
  • Proactive Engagement We know approaching Pepper and Nao might be a bit slow. Hence, ABG built a proactive engagement feature in the applications so that Pepper and Nao take the first step toward your customer and start the conversation.
  • QR code/ Barcode scanning Pepper and Nao can scan your customer’s loyalty membership cards through ABG’s QR code reader feature in the retail application.
  • Robot’s animation ABG has built a module in the education application which enables you to create customized movements for Pepper and Nao.
  • Retail

    Modern-day shoppers are leaning more and more towards shopping online, but with Pepper and Nao, you gave them one great reason to shop in-store just to meet and interact with them.
    Pepper and Nao have more than just their modern look; they are a great asset to your omnichannel strategy, transforming your customers to leads, helping your customers find what they need, and intuitively answering their questions.
    With Pepper and Nao around in your store, you can expect:

    • Increase in your store foot traffic
    • Increase in the in-store shopping rate
    • Gather data about your customers and their preferences
    • Create a memorable in-store experience
  • Finance

    Financial institutions are leading the industry in innovation and advanced technology, so it only makes sense to implement robotic solutions in their locations to mirror their technological mindset.
    Pepper and Nao help greet your clients and do repetitive tasks to enable your staff to focus on other essential tasks.
    Pepper and Nao create an easy-to-use customized experience for your clients at your institution, thus enhancing the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) service delivery model, giving your clients a seamless, integrated experience.
    With Pepper and Nao around in your financial institution, you can expect:

    • Seamless reception services
    • Automate repetitive tasks
    • Gather client data
    • Enhance the clients' experience and increase their loyalty
    • Increase the clients' awareness of your products and services
  • Government

    Robots like Pepper and Nao facilitate the greeting and receiving of clients in governmental institutes, enhancing their experience and freeing up agents to focus on other urgent tasks.
    With Pepper and Nao around in your governmental institution, you can expect:

    • Removing reception area congestions
    • Increase efficiency by automating redundant tasks
    • Informing the citizens with important information
    • Enhance customer service and experience
  • Healthcare

    Pepper and Nao help raise awareness on diseases and provide information and tips to help patients enhance their disease management and care.
    Pepper and Nao are also a great help to the elderly, providing them with instructions and exercise tutorials; they can also share their medical history and current status with their doctors. They can also monitor the elderly's health and help them communicate with their loved ones.
    Pepper also helps with Covid-19 prevention in hospitals by enabling smoother contactless solutions.

    • Pepper's mask detection capabilities: Pepper can identify complex mask types and raises awareness on social distancing amongst patients and staff.
    • Pepper facilitates telecommunication: Pepper is equipped with Teleoperation, obstacle detection, and audio and video encryption, enabling communication between patients and their loved ones.
    • Wireless Internet Connections: Pepper can connect with other wireless devices, enabling the elderly to have online consultations and send notifications to staff and emergency responders in an emergency. With Pepper and Nao around in your healthcare institution, you can expect:
    • Enhance the care standards
    • Spread medical awareness
    • Improves administration process
    • Facilitates telecommunications
  • Tourism

    People travel to have new experiences, so why not start their new experiences by incorporating Pepper and Nao into your business.
    Pepper and Nao are optimized to greet travelers and supply them with information and guidance on the best products and services your travel agency offers, thus creating an exciting and effective experience for your customers.
    With Pepper and Nao around in your travel agency, you can expect:

    • Increase your in-store footprint
    • Offer customized products and services.
    • Enhance in-store experience
    • Gather personal information on your customers
  • Education and Research

    Pepper and NAO are resourceful and advanced robots designed to meet the expectations of teachers and researchers. Their advanced features such as human-machine interaction, cognitive computing, and autonomous navigation are built on advanced platforms to help with teaching profound subjects.
    Pepper and Nao can be used in primary and secondary education and special education and research.
    With Pepper and Nao around in your educational and research institution, you can expect:

    • More accessible content creation process.
    • One-on-one or small group customized teaching activities.
    • Applying project-based learning approaches.
    • Enhance students' analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Increase motivation to learn Sciences, Technologies, Engineering, Arts and Math subjects.
    • Have a fully programmable robot with a graphical interface or directly with the Software Development Kit (SDK) and coding tools.
    • Create an inclusive educational environment where Pepper and Nao can create emotional links with students and advocate for education with IEP (Individualized Education Program) for students with disabilities such as autism, emotional and behavioral disorders. Create room for acceptance for special education students. And altering the students' attitudes and perceptions.
    • Increase students' confidence as well as their social skills.