Take the guesswork out of making decisions with our telecommunication advanced data analytics. You’ll be able to have descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics at your fingertips, empowering you to take your business forward in leaps and bounds.

You can integrate the data gathered from your operational and business support systems (OSS and BSS) with our open and cloud-enabled industrialized analytics environment with embedded AI to discover unique insights and current downfalls in networks, trends, and patterns. Then use all of that to enhance your telecommunication services and customize them for your customers, thus decreasing your operational costs, increasing your revenue, reducing fraud, and proactively managing risks.

  • Network Analytics

    Through our services, you'll be able to get advanced analytics spread across your network; from the infrastructure to the operation process. Our technology draws from various types of data from different sources and can aggregate them and compile insightful advanced analytics reports to help you:

    • Leverage forecasting analytics to know where capacity is needed and thus save millions on unnecessary CapEx.
    • Know where to add value while planning, like node splitting, optimized tower placement, and enhanced microcell planning.
    • Enhance customer experience through making and sending products they need and want, thus decreasing your capital leakage.
    • Forecast and prevent network issues before they occur.
    • Use customer data to enable operations teams to prioritize trouble tickets.
    • Use analytics to understand your customers' experience and enhance it.
    • Know your customers' consumption patterns and optimize your network offerings to suit their needs.
  • Fraud Analytics

    Through our advanced analytics solutions and hybrid technologies, we help companies predict and handle subscription fraud, dealer fraud, revenue share fraud, SIM boxing, and more. Our solution also manages credit risk assessment, collections, and revenue assurance.
    Using this solution, you'll be able to:

    • Combat fraud through an encompassing end-to-end solution that uncovers gaps in your system and alerts you before outsiders try to exploit those gaps.
    • Identify fraud cases by optimizing your credit scoring procedures.
    • Create a seamless onboarding process for non-fraudulent clients.
    • Integrate AI into your fraud management process and automate manual tasks, freeing you to make business decisions.
  • Customer Experience

    Leverage analytics to get closer to your customers. By understanding their patterns, usage, experience, and complaints, you can improve your telecommunications network to provide more value, decrease unnecessary spending, enhance customer experience, and increase profit margins.
    Through advanced customer experience analytics, you'll be able to:

    • Have access to multichannel interaction management and execution capabilities combined with interaction optimization, which means you'll be able to create one cohesive message across your platforms, giving your customers a seamless experience.
    • Discover converting customer journeys and receive insights on the ones who aren't, so you'll be able to shift your marketing investments towards converting journeys.
    • Get insights into the purchasing power of your customers to optimize your campaigns to target and communicate with customers who have the highest purchasing power.
    • Unearth and handle issues before they lead to churn or promoter score degradation.
    • Integrate location-specific data with customer behavior insights to customize your communication with your customers and offer products and services tailored to their needs.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance

    Data governance starts with your organization's policy and strategy regarding managing the data. Using data governance software, you can customize a framework within which you apply regulations, like CECL or the GDPR. ABG's intelligent data governance helps telecoms navigate the complex regulatory compliance and risk management landscape.
    Through governance, risk, and compliance analytics, you'll be able to:

    • Establish a risk-aware culture
    • Optimize capital and liquidity
    • Adhere and address evolving regulatory requirements