The financial ecosystem is getting a significant facelift and morphing to something advanced. Unless you want your financial institution to be buried in the past, you want to join that advancement movement. AI and ML-driven financial institutions can deliver digital experiences such as tailored products and services based on usage and behavior, which is done factoring in regulation and compliance requirements and growing security concerns. 

ABG’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-embedded data analytics solutions enable you to monitor regulations, heighten the understanding of risk, manage fraud efficiently, measure customer eligibility and product profitability, make informed operational decisions, etc. 

Using ABG’s solution, your institute will be able to cope with the advancements and also use them to provide top-of-the-line services for their clients. 

  • Digital transformation

    Digital transformation plays a critical role in providing financial and banking institutions with new capabilities to meet the changing needs of the digital ecosystem.
    ABG's data-driven digital transformation solutions powered by AI and machine learning empower your institution to exceed customer expectations, offer personalized experiences, lower operational costs and retain your competitive edge.

    • Customer Experience

      One of the primary sources of revenue growth for your institution is customer experience. With our services, you can effectively communicate with your customers and provide real-time personalized services based on AI integrated marketing insights. With ABG, you'll understand your customers profoundly and understand how marketing activities affect your revenue and profit margins.

      • Financial Crime and Fraud Analytics

        With our AI, ML, and regtech technologies, your financial institution will be:

        • Equipped with optimum fraud detection, effective investigations, aggregated suspicious activity monitoring, and reporting will take a proactive protection approach.
        • Apply an advanced strategy for detecting suspicious transactions in areas such as AML, CFT sanctions screening, and beneficial ownership.
        • Use hybrid analytics to handle alerts, test scenarios, respond faster to evolving risks, and comply with banking regulations.
        • Find fraud and reduce false positives by processing all data in real-time or batch.
      • Risk, Compliance and Security

        Our AI and regtech technologies will help you balance short- and long-term strategies, enhance financial performance, and adopt a risk-aware culture throughout your organization. With ABG, you'll be able to:

        • Build a vital risk management foundation
        • support IFRS 9 and CECL regulatory requirements, along with enterprise stress testing to integrate risk and finance modeling
        • Improve credit risk management processes from origination to portfolio management and from collections to recovery.
        • Integrate AI and machine learning for credit scoring, capital optimization, back testing and model validation, and regtech.
      • Financial Management and Operational Analysis

        Adopting a data-first approach in financial management and operations is vital for strategic decision-making needed for growth acceleration and productivity enhancement.
        ABG's AI-powered data analytics solutions help you gain real-time and relevant insights to deliver a better customer experience, boost operational efficiency and maximize ROI.