Utility and Energy

Adopting data-driven digital transformation will improve your operational efficiency, give you enhanced demand forecasting data, empower effective management of energy constraints, and improve customer satisfaction by discovering new customer usage patterns.

ABG’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-embedded data analytics customizable solution can transform your business operations with proactive asset management, real-time demand forecasting, predictive detection of anomalies, regulatory compliance, and customer analytics. Ensuring that you as a utility provider have an ever-growing relationship with your customers and empower your business for scalability. 

  • Energy forecast and demand management

    This solution allows you to:

    • Leverage advanced analytics and predictive algorithms to generate forecasts for all-time horizons.
    • Get the most out of your existing data and use these insights to optimize efficiency, enhance current plans, and mitigate risks.
    • Extract granular insights for making accurate real-time predictions—enabling you to optimize demand management and energy forecasting
    • Simulate and test forecast rigor to choose long-term models that meet the criteria for planning and operations.
    • Improve forecasting performance across all locations at any level of aggregation with repeatable, scalable, traceable, and defensible results.
  • Operational Analytics

    Through ABG's analytical solutions, you can collect and analyze data in various formats, from different locations, whether in real-time or batch, to get insights that will help you:

    • Enhance your operations.
    • Schedule maintenance.
    • Make analytics-derived decisions in real-time.
    • Mitigate risks before they occur through predictive and prescriptive advanced analytics.
  • By applying our solution, you'll be able to

    • Predict and handle problems
    • Increase your utility up-time and decrease outages
    • Improve customer experience
    • Optimize your budget by scheduling maintenance servicing before issues arise
    • Use the data-rich smart meter environment to collect customer insights and model grid and asset behavior to improve reliability.
    • Prepare locations for storms, minimize outages, and schedule maintenance after the storms.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

    A high level of transparency is required to ensure that all regulatory requirements and risk management activities comply with existing guidelines.
    ABG's expertise in data and analytics, along with an intelligent framework, can help you gain:

    • Comply with all regulatory policies.
    • Detect any non-compliant activities to prevent penalties.
    • Constantly revise and enhance the regulations to cope with the ever-advancing world and industry.
  • Procurement Integrity

    ABG's AI and ML integrated solution enables a multifaceted approach that combines internal controls, audits, and an analytics platform to identify and bring forward high-risk concerns before significant losses occur.
    Through this solution, you'll be able to:

    • Discover subtle procurement fraud instances and handle them.
    • Automate data management, and give analysts a user-friendly interface to analyze data and extract insights.
    • Locate and identify high-risk events before allocating money and resources.
    • Accelerate time to value with procurement models that provide objective, data-driven risk screening to identify high- and low-risk purchase orders, suppliers, invoices, and payments.
    • Make objective, data-driven risk checks to identify high and low-risk purchase orders, suppliers, invoices, and payments.
  • Customer experience

    Collect insight, understand your customers' behaviors, and use predictive and prescriptive analytics to identify issues and fix them before churn and loss of revenue occurs.
    With ABG's AI and ML integrated advanced analytics, you'll be able to:

    • Aggregate customer insights from different sources and formats
    • Segment your customers according to those with the highest payment potential and those with the lowest
    • Leverage advanced analytics to identify and fix problems before they lead to expensive customer issues, programs losing traction, and critical lost revenue opportunities.
    • Use predictive analytics to understand which communication route will lead to the highest ROI with your customers.
    • Combine your online and offline customer data, including smart meter, CIS, CRM, social media, and call center data, and showcase it through a user-friendly interface for your analysts to access and use.
  • Revenue Assurance

    Using ABG's advanced data analytics will help you identify and handle capital and revenue leakage, optimize your operations to decrease operational costs and enhance efficiency, use a data-driven approach to credit and collections and non-technical losses.
    Through ABG's analytics, you'll be able to:

    • Monitor your operational performance and feed your analytics with performance results to help with improving operational models.
    • Leverage heuristic rules, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and social network analytics to identify and handle real-time suspicious activities and categorize them according to their priorities.
    • Combine AMI/AMR data and billing, payment, and arrears data with the geographic location for a customer-oriented view of non-technical loss unrestricted by data sources.
    • Optimize the effectiveness of audits and investigations, trust investigatory outcomes, and enhance relationships with investors, stakeholders, and regulators.