ABG enhances customs operations for a middle-east customs and border security agency


The client required a system that would provide comprehensive risk screening along with the faster clearance of Cargo/Passengers/Couriers through all ports – sea, air and land, in order to minimize the impact of illicit trade and security threats. The ask was further to reduce siloed and disparate processes and systems that currently make it difficult to spot suspicious activity.

ABG Solution

Technology/Solution Implemented

SAS Detection and Investigation for Government solution

ABG in partnership with SAS is implementing a holistic system that will identify and target suspicious Cargo/Passengers/Couriers crossing the country’s borders at all ports. The SAS Detection and Investigation solution uses robust analytics to screen illicit trade, identify security threats and generate alerts in real time through a hybrid approach.

The solution leverages:

  • Rules for known patterns
  • Database searches for known frauds
  • Anomaly detection for unknown patterns
  • Text mining for unstructured patterns
  • Advanced analytics (neural networks, etc.) for complex patterns
  • Social network analysis for associative link patterns

The solution enables:

  • Single view of information – All information, including external data from other agencies, is consolidated in a single view for risk manager and investigators.
  • Comprehensive investigation portal – A powerful, flexible and easy-to-use interface that provides users with extensive features like alert triaging, alert/case management, automated maker-checker enabled workflows, etc.
  • Monitoring system – Quick monitoring of anomalies through automated real-time/batch monitoring
  • Mobile Dashboards – Enabling executives to use self-service report engine


Currently in-progress, the solution has provided the client with:

  • Reduction in clearance time by streamlining operation efforts such as data collection, manual review, etc.
  • Comprehensive coverage of Cargo, Passengers and Couriers
  • Effective monitoring through hybrid targeting approach
  • Improved inspection efficiency with the help of network analysis
  • Minimized false alarms by leveraging an advanced analytical approach
  • Centralized analytical marts to generate insights from multiple sources
  • Real-time automation through auto-run of targeting rules enabling efficient allocation of work to inspection officers