ABG enables one of the largest public libraries in UAE, to streamline operations and drive customer experience excellence with content management system

Identifying gaps to address through ABG’s intervention:

ABG in collaboration with its partners consulted one of the leading public libraries of UAE, to address the gaps that can provide an effective customer experience with support of innovative solutions, which can efficiently manage operations with minimal manual intervention. The key considerations for the library were to:

  • Enable visitors to obtain information about the library, books, guidelines and directions inside the library
  • Deliver a solution that allows the customers, who visit the library to interact with the assistance of humanoid robotics solution to browse for books, find facilities, ask questions and act as a librarian to the kids
  • Integrate the humanoid robotic solution to assist and synchronise with the library’s omni-channels as well as content management system (CMS), to provide a seamless experience to the visitors at the library

Driving Efficiency through ABG’s Robotics Solutions

Addressing the requirement of the library, ABG’s android native application and web-based application were integrated through the humanoid Robot – Pepper, with the systems in the facility and APIs to answer questions about libraries content, display books, play multimedia stories etc. Additionally, with its voice interactive capabilities, it can also communicate with visitors at the library and act as a friendly assistant to help them to search for books, explore information and much more.

Implementation of an Enhanced Library Assistance

  Solution Implemented
Library Pepper Robot Assistant

ABG is one of the early adopters of Robotics and AI trends in GCC and MENA regions. With its expertise, ABG provides solutions that integrates futuristic technologies to enhance customer experience, which makes them to stay ahead of other technology solution companies. By placing the UX user experience at the centre of the client’s concerns, ABG make the relationship with the machines adaptive and intuitive.

Pepper is a widely popular social humanoid robot that can recognize faces and basic human emotions. Pepper is optimized for human interaction that can engage with people through conversation and touch screen capabilities. ABG is a certified robotics distributor and solutions developer from Softbank Robotics, providing end to end robotics solution for its customers.

Through the integration of Pepper as a library assistant at one of the largest libraries in UAE, ABG was able to benefit in more ways than one, including:

  1. Pepper Robot Assistant allows the visitors at the library to access its services and facilities for information such safety information, map visualization of all the attractions, events, exhibitions, as well as discovery of all the services available on the library site such as restroom, emergency exits etc through the robotic application
  2. Enabling facial detection and recognition
  3. Ability to take pictures of the visitors and sharing it on the library’s twitter account
  4. Ability to have an interactive communication through storytelling for kids with both the application interface, narration with voice and/or multimedia (MP4)
  5. Enables the web application to manage content update on the robot
  6. Provision of a dashboard to give insights about the visitors such as: most used applications on the robot, highest traffic days in the library, etc.

Aiming to achieve scalable business outcomes through ABG’s humanoid robotics solutions

While the implementation of ABG solution is underway at the library, the solution has enabled to foster results:

  • Improved Visitor Experience: Ensuring better service at the library through direct interaction with assistance of humanoid robot across the library reception, book aisles and kids zone.
  • Amplified Content Management System: Allows visitors with access to the stories and FAQs of the library by voice and question answering using speech to text to speech technology. Further, it aids them to search for books and guides on additional details like brief of each book and the rack where the book is placed in the library. The system also allows to update the robot on an ongoing basis with content through a web application “CMS”.