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ABG through its Innovation
Centre of Excellence (I-CoE),
builds its IP & Accelerators, which
complements the above offerings in delivering outcome driven business value to its customers.

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a key business imperative which is reshaping business operations. It is optimizing many processes throughout organizations and is already the engine behind Data driven Digital Transformation. Leveraging Data & Analytics through AI & ML is becoming a permanent aspect of the business landscape. Data, Analytics and AI capabilities need to be sustainable over time in order to develop and support potential new business models and capabilities. This will require dedicated units to drive Data & Analytics Driven Transformation.

At ABG, we help customers build new innovative solutions and data & analytics assets at our Centre of Excellence (COE). The COE leveraging our presence in India & Egypt, allows clients to build & experience solutions that can be built quickly using technology, tools, accelerators and data models. The COE also provides managed services to customers around their Data & Analytics environment & act as a trusted partner in their transformation journey.


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